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  • Do you accept insurance?
    We do not accept payments from any insurance plans for the actual physician visit fees. We still request your insurance information so that you have the ability to utilize these benefits for labs, imaging, and medications. This is considered a boutique style fee-for-service medical office. Setting up and maintaining a completely independent practice with the benefits of personalization, time spent with your doctor, and improved access and communication is quite costly. Having additional billing software and staffing to manage the multitude of plans and obtaining relatively low reimbursement rates from insurance companies as an independent provider would directly impact the time you would get to spend with your doctor and the access to timely appointments. To ensure we can continue providing the quality care we set out to give successfully for the long-term, we are requiring direct patient payments with significantly reduced rates compared to visits that bill insurance. You will have access to a copy of your visit note as well as itemized receipt with relevant codes that you may submit to your insurance for potential out-of-network reimbursement directly back to you (with the exception of Medicare). Boutique style fee-for-service means direct physician care in a small personalized practice setting. The benefit of this model as opposed to full concierge for a subspeciality such as gynecology as compared to primary care is that there is no requirement to pay an annual membership fee for unlimited use, but rather a pay as you go model . You only pay for what you need here in gynecology. For many women that will be only $200 for the year. The exception to the annual payment model is our Weight Management Program. We do offer an annual membership rate for that program since there is a significant cost savings for that many appointments and the unlimited communication in the interim.
  • How much are fees for visits and procedures?
    Please email to inquire about our fees and we will be happy to send you the most updated list. For a general idea of gynecology visit pricing: new patient range $200-250 and established patient range $100-200. Weight Management Program fees are listed in the attachment above.
  • Can I use my HSA and FSA benefits?
    Yes, patients can pay with their HSA or FSA cards when paying a balance through Elation Patient Payments.
  • I am interested in weight management services. How can I schedule?
    If you are specifically struggling with losing weight chronically and interested in immersive therapy including medication when indicated, or just interested in optimizing body composition to prevent chronic disease through lifestyle improvement, you have come to the right place. Dr. Ward has a passion to help women achieve their healthiest state and recognizes obesity as a significant disease to address. For this reason, she has invested in the additional education to be board-certified in the field of Obesity Medicine. She is very knowledgeable about the disease itself and the latest treatments available. Please see attached flyer for details and pricing. Check the adjacent section of FAQs for several specific to this program. Appointments for this can be made by phone as well as online booking. Discounts are offered for existing gyn patients, but weight management visits are kept separate from all gynecology visits to ensure this topic is getting the focused attention it deserves.
  • What about labs and imaging?
    Labs, pap, and imaging studies can be ordered to your preferred site and your insurance can still be utilized for these as you normally would. We use Quest, Labcorp, Sarapath, Vikor Scientific, Lee Health labs, and Any Lab Test Now. Imaging can be done at Lee Health facilities or Radiology Regional. If you do not have insurance, some of our lab partners offer discounted rates for self-pay patients. If you need to use an alternate site than those listed here, just let us know and we will be happy to facilitate a specialized order.
  • Do all visits have to be done in person?
    No. It is requested that the initial consult, 3 or 6 month follow-up, and 12 month evaluation are done in person. The other visit types are available via our telemedicine platform for added convenience or in-person, whichever you prefer.
  • Is the cost of the medication included in the program?
    No. The program fees are to cover the time with physician with professional advice and management of the medication when applicable, numerous visits, continuous remote support, and comprehensive dietician consult. This also includes any needed prior authorizations to support insurance coverage of the medication. Medication costs are separate and will be variable depending on which medication, your insurance coverage, and the pharmacy source. We understand that cost is a significant factor when it comes to the newer and more effective weight loss medications, and we are continually researching numerous sources included reputable compounding pharmacies to be able to make these a realistic long-term option for more patients without coverage for the brand name FDA-approved therapies.
  • What is the cost?
    The cost breakdown of the program can be found here:
  • Will you complete prior authorizations for Wegovy, Ozempic, Mounjaro and other newer weight loss medications as they come out?
    If your insurance provides some coverage for these medications specifically for obesity or overweight with co-morbidities, then we are happy to complete a prior authorization and/or supply the documentation needed to prove necessity. However – at this stage many insurances do not provide any coverage for these in the absence of diabetes. Filling out time-consuming forms and conducting peer-to-peer interviews only to relay that you do not have a diagnosis of diabetes if that is the case is not productive. Please check with her insurance if wondering what coverage and criteria exist for your specific plan. Unfortunately the FDA-approved indications do not always match what your insurance company has chosen to cover. Keep in mind there are several FDA-approved medications for weight loss beyond semaglutide and tirzepatide that can be managed here as well.
  • What constitutes an “established gyn patient” for the annual membership discount?
    To qualify for the 10% off annual WMP fee you must have actually had a visit established specifically with Coastal Women’s Wellness as opposed to just seeing Dr. Ward in the past at Lee Health.
  • What if I enter the program already on semaglutide or tirzepatide from another source?
    If you have been on semaglutide or tirzepatide and having a favorable response without adverse effects or contraindications, then this can usually be continued here under supervision. The important point is that everyone, even those who are already on this medication, need to complete the comprehensive initial consultation to start or continue on any treatment plan so that Dr. Ward has the specific history she needs to make the most appropriate recommendations. Maintenance plans will vary by individual.
  • Can I just schedule a 3D body scan?
    Absolutely. Anyone can come for just a scan, including men. Please note weight limit of the current scanner is 330lb. Costs are: $50/scan for unestablished patients, $40/scan for established, and $30 per extra scan for those already enrolled in the weight management program. This can be done anytime the office is open, just call first to ensure the room is available. It takes approximately 2 minutes to complete, and the report can be emailed directly to you if desired. Best of all no prep is needed - unlike bioimpedence devices, you do not need to fast, avoid any medications, or avoid exercise beforehand. Form fitting clothing is recommended if you do not wish to remove clothes.
  • Do I need to have a BMI of 30 to enroll?
    No. The program is open to any female of any BMI. It is geared more towards those with a BMI of 25 and above (overweight or obesity) struggling chronically with losing weight and maintaining the change when they do; however, those with a BMI in the normal or underweight range can absolutely schedule for guidance to achieve and maintain healthy body compositions and lower chronic disease risk. Consideration will be given in the future to opening up the program to male and adolescent patients as well.
  • How long do I need to be in the program to start weight loss medication?
    This is highly variable. Medication could be started as soon as the initial consultation and 2 week follow-up. For some patients, a lifestyle approach alone will be preferred first based on your specific clinical scenario or due to medical contraindications. There are no defined criteria applied broadly to every patient to “qualify” for medication – like most chronic medical conditions, this is highly individualized and depends on several factors. But rest assured there are no imposed specific timelines to force patients into more visits simply to gain access to highly desired medications. Also, by no means are perfect food choices required in order to qualify for weight loss medication because that is simply not reality.
  • Do the program fees include dietary advice?
    Yes. The annual membership fee includes a 50 minute comprehensive consultation with a registered dietician with options for add-on visits from there. Dr. Ward will provide as much counseling on nutrition as possible within her scope of knowledge on this subject as well to help support continued progress.
  • If I have never seen Dr. Ward before here or in her former practice and join the weight management program, will my future gyn visits at CWW be at the “established” rate?
    Yes! Another perk to joining.
  • Can I use insurance for this?
    We do not accept insurance for office visit fees or body scans, but these benefits can be utilized for labs, imaging, EKG, polysomnography and prescription drug coverage.
  • Do I have to keep a food log?
    To be clear, no one should expect to have success in this program without being open to having realistic conversations about what food and drinks go into your body. With that being said, there is a common aversion to collecting a food diary, and we do not want this to be a barrier to needed care. This is not required throughout the program, although usually encouraged. Some specific tracking is requested in the beginning to help identify any patterns, outliers, hidden calories, potential for nutrient deficiencies, areas for improvement and education, etc. Be honest or you only hinder your progress!
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